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11 Easy ways to improve your website SEO


Most businesses do not have the budget to get a professional to help with Search Engine Optimisation. Fortunately, there are easy things you can do to improve your website SEO yourself.

  1. SEO Audit: The first step is to understand what is currently helping your SEO and what is hurarming it. You do that with an SEO Audit and there are free tools available online to help you with various aspects of an SEO Audit.
  2. Google analytics can tell you how much organic (unpaid) traffic your website gets, which pages receive the most organic traffic, visitor engagement (bounce rate, time spent on the site etc) and conversion information (how many of those visitors are buying or signing up)
  3. Google Search Console to provide details of how your website is performing in Google search, pick up errors and lets Google communicate any problems with your website directly to you.
  4. PageSpeed Insights to measure the performance of your website and it provides insight on how to fix any issues found.
  5. Use a SEO Analyzer. Get a full SEO audit of your website and highlights errors and areas that need improvements.
  6. Use SSL Certificate (HTTPS): Ensuring your website is secure is an essential part of your SEO strategy. Googles’s SEO guidelines strongly suggest an SSL certificate. We have ironclad security measures for all our website designs and hosting plans. This gives your visitors peace of mind, while contributing to your SEO ranking. You can scan your website for any malware on VirusTotal by entering your website url.
  7. Write articles: Create a blog page on your website (for any business) and write blog articles relating to your business, services, products and industry. These articles will indicate your expertise to your potential customers, but also feeds content linking back to your site, to search engines which helps with SEO.
  8. Create YouTube Videos: Although this option might not be appropriate for all businesses, it can be a powerful SEO tool. I’m sure you have noticed that Search Engines include videos in search results and if you upload videos on YouTube, they would appear there. It doesn’t have to be professionally created videos, it can just be explainer videos based on your blog posts (above) or explaining aspects of your business.
  9. Multiple Domains: You can buy the other domains that relate to your website, to make it easier for users to find you and improve traffic. You can start by buying other extensions of your current domain, e.g. if you own, you can buy and Then you can buy keyword domain, for example if your business is selling car parts, you can buy domains with car parts names e.g.
  10. Social Media: Create Social Media pages for your website, e.g. Facebook page. These pages do not just give you an easy way to reach out to your customers, but these page appear in search and can boost your website SEO.
  11. SEO Friendly Platform: Make use of an SEO friendly platform to build your website. WordPress is a smart choice, especially if you have a great hosting provider
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