PLEASE NOTE: We currently ONLY offer Cloudbric to our web design clients. If you would like to transfer your existing site and domain to our servers,  contact us.We’ll help you do that at no cost.


Cloud-Based Web Application Firewall

Cloudbric acts as a firewall to shield your website and applications against hackers. It guards against suspicious and malicious website traffic, looking to exploit your website’s code

*Cloudbric is an optional extra with all our Hosting plans for R199 pm per domain
How Cloudbric works

Cloudbric keeps an active list of the exploitative attempts made by hackers and permanently blocks them. The hacking commands are added to a blacklist within hours of the discovery.Cloudbric does not fix weaknesses that may exist in your code. Rather, it disables attempts to exploit the weaknesses.

Best of all? Because we host Cloudbric locally, your website’s speed won’t be affected: you won’t even notice the highly sophisticated security happening in the background.

Why Cloudbric

3 key ways that Cloudbric protects your site:

Web Application Firewall

All web traffic to your website is routed through the WAF, where it detects and blocks malicious traffic, while allowing legitimate traffic through.

Website-level DDoS Protection

Cloudbric blocks DDoS attacks which could exhaust your website resources and make it inaccessible to the visitors you want.

Blocking specific countries and IP ranges

You can block visitors from specific countries or IP addresses from accessing your website.

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