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Simple Password Management Tips

Password Management

Thanks to the internet, certain aspects of starting and running your business has never been easier. But along with the benefits, there are also potential risks. The more you’re able to do online, the more passwords and PINs you need to remember, which can be overwhelming. Be careful not to stray into password management habits that aren’t good practice.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when managing your passwords and sensitive credentials:

  • Use password management tools to keep passwords in a safe location. These tools help you create, store and share multiple encrypted passwords (instead of one password for everything) without having to remember them. Well-known tools are Passbolt,1Password, LastPass, and Google Smart Lock.
  • Use Two-factor Authentication whenever possible. This adds a layer of security, and it’s highly recommended for access to your password management tool.
  • Use strong auto-generated passwords that password management apps include. Some web browsers like Google chrome and Avast Secure Browser also offer complex auto-generated passwords.
  • Revoke access to your accounts from old friends and employees who leave your organisation.
  • Don’t write passwords down on notebooks or sticky notes. Your passwords need to be kept in a secure place, which is where password management tools come in. They add encryption to your password to keep them secure
  • Don’t use personal information to create passwords because this is the first area hackers search for brute force attacks. Rather use auto-generated complex passwords.
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